*You don’t have to make everything from scratch, there are some things you can cheat on to make your life easier. Don’t forget though, that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. This said there are some things that you just can’t cheat on.

*Use quality ingredients, fresh is best.

*A common mistake when cooking with alcohol, is not cooking the alcohol.

*Your food should be a sensory experience, it needs to taste, smell and look good. Mouthfeel and texture are also key elements of any dish.

*Butter does not mean margarine or soft spread. Use unsalted, add your own salt to taste.

*Seasoning, this does not mean a spoonful of table salt in everything. Use sea salt, I use flakes. In my opinion Maldon is the best. When I need fine salt, I crush it.

*Taste everything, no exceptions.

*When dealing with natural ingredients, remember that they are not standardized. You never know how much juice a lime will yield until you squeeze it.

*There are some things you just cant rush. 

* Pre heating an oven takes at least 20 minutes.

*If you haven’t got a sieve, you’re going to need one.

 And most importantly It’s a wooden spoon, not a magic wand.

Some of my tips….
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