Let’s talk about… Prawn cocktail

Prawn cocktail is a great starter for dinner parties, or for light lunches and suppers as the main attraction. Use whichever prawns you prefer. My choice is cold water Atlantic prawns. Fresh is best. If you must use frozen, defrost them overnight in the fridge, in the bag they came in. Never rinse them to speed the process up, this will wash the flavour out. How you serve a prawn cocktail is entirely up to you. Little cups made from chicory or baby gem make little boats that can contain mini versions. A staple of the serve has always been a wine glass. Since this is your prawn cocktail, it’s your call. A piece of advice with this dish, is don’t try to be avant garde. Stick with the status quo, Its been a firm favourite for as long as anyone can remember, there’s a reason why. Use a light lettuce, iceberg, romaine, baby gem or cos. Im not going to give quantities for the salad ingredients. View the list as suggestions, and select your own to make the dish personal to you. Ill give measurements for the dressing, or sauce referred to as Marie rose in recipes. I’m sticking with dressing, and I allow for artistic license here because everyone has a different palette. What is important is that you are happy with it and that the person eating your food enjoys it. 


The measurements depend upon if it is to be served as a starter or main course 

Prawns- your choice of. These can be baby, king, tiger, shrimp, crevette, langoustine, vietenemese, madaargascan, atlantic, the list really is endless. The best prawns I get are from my local fishmonger. Yes they are a little more expensive than the supermarket, but worth it. Sometimes I swap prawns for crayfish, and on extra special occasions Lobster.

Lettuce finely shredded

Cucumber thinly sliced into rounds

Cherry tomatoes halved

Red onion very finely diced

Celery very finely diced

Lemon wedges or rounds

Avocado slices


Dressing- combine the ingredients, and dress your prawns with as much or as little as you like.

100ml Good quality mayonnaise

50ml Tomato ketchup

1 teaspoon brandy

Tabasco, lea and perrins, lemon juice to taste.

Let’s talk about… Prawn cocktail
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